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Insights to inform your strategic development

Data-informed insights guide our business. Just as our gathered data supports global organizations including NAFSA and the APLU, our market trend research, renowned agent surveys and the intelligence they provide can inform your strategies.

Our insight teams work with international education partners to provide actionable intelligence…

Track and analyze global market trends

Our analysis of global data provides insights into international student mobility, including demand surges, preferred study levels and subject choices. We offer longitudinal analysis by destination country and support the higher education community through joint publications.

Understand what students and agents are looking for

Operating one of the world's largest and longest-running agent consultations, we help partners to understand student and agent preferences in key study destinations, informed by our annual and pulse surveys.

Download latest agent and student surveys

Enhance your performance in global markets

Our tools enable partners to navigate the global operating environment, making real-time, data-informed decisions. Services include market activation planning, strategic pricing analysis, competitor benchmarking, and real-time application tracking.

Explore our latest work! Discover our findings on global student mobility using primary source data and interactive mapping tools. Download our presentations for international conferences or simply browse our thinking over the last five years. If you would like to contribute, please submit your work to for consideration.

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What are the best practices in sponsored student recruitment and support?

Luke Sikorski, INTO’s Director of Sponsor Partnerships & Engagement (US), shares his insights on the evolving dynamics of sponsored student recruitment.
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Tim Australia

A glimpse into the future of international education – a view from a Land Down Under

Explore Australia's dynamic international education scene and its global impact, with key themes, trends, and policy developments shaping higher education.
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Beware of large numbers. Is your market sizing being misled by published analysis?

With higher education providers planning recruitment strategies, it becomes imperative to identify current and future demand to determine target markets.
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Blog archive

2022 articles

INTO SLU Saint Louis School Of Medicine Student In Library 41752 (1)

Why international students seek out SLU for STEM health degrees

International students are seeking out STEM health degree programs at Saint Louis University (SLU) — programs that prepare them for careers in burgeoning fields…
Students In Perth Australia 2

Mapping Gen Z: Where student populations are growing, and what that means for international education

To mark International Education Week, we take stock of the latest growth trends for the Gen Z population globally — and what they mean for international educati…
INTO OSU International Students Talking Around Circular Table 14460

What flexibility and affordability mean to international students

Leaving one’s home country to study abroad is no easy decision. For their significant investment, international students deserve high-impact, high-value program…
UAB Health Student In Biotechnology Lab 43989

In pursuit of a positive impact: Pandemic leads international students to forge futures in biosciences and health care

The COVID-19 pandemic has galvanized rising cohorts of international students to seek out immersive programs that lead to careers in biosciences and health care…
Engineering 95 29982823895 O

Shaping our shared future: Growing interest in computer science and engineering among international students

Motivated to find stable careers and make the world a better place, international students are increasingly drawn to computer science and engineering programs.

Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and economic contributions of international students

International students are inextricable from the growth of innovative economies and societies. Giving them the tools they need for success benefits everyone.
Students In Classroom At Desk

Through their eyes: Understanding Gen Z’s diverse perspectives and ambitions

INTO research shows there is no homogenous Gen Z, but a generation of individuals shaped as much by their common experience of COVID-19 as by localized factors.
New York City 43465

New year, new views: Positivity toward US up among education agents in China and worldwide

As we enter 2022, positivity about the US as a destination for international students is up among education agents across the globe — including those in China.

2021 articles

DSC 4354

Is in-person learning irreplaceable? Agent perspectives on emerging and enduring international education trends in the context of COVID-19

Agents report new trends in study abroad decision-making brought on by the pandemic, trends that make flexibility vital for the international education sector.
INTO Drew Madison Campus In The Fall 41872 1024X683

Setting the stage for recovery: Four student mobility trends informing International Education Week 2021

This International Education Week, four key trends influencing global student mobility set the stage for the sector's continued recovery in 2022 and beyond.
INTO ISU Line Of Graduating Students Looking To The Front From The Side

Applying new lenses to learning: How Gen Z students have adjusted their focus from rankings to outcomes amid COVID-19

Gen Zers’ experience of COVID-19 has shaped how they view their education and future. They pursue international degrees to gain skills and tackle social issues.
INTO SLU Saint Louis Business Students In Garden 41757 1 Scaled

Flipping the script: Facilitating Gen Z student success and post-pandemic recovery in international education

As 55% of Gen Z students consider a new career path in the wake of COVID-19, international educators must support their success and deliver concrete outcomes.
Uab Health Students In The Classroom 43991

Ready to rebound: What enduring enthusiasm for exchange and employability means for international education

Despite COVID-19 challenges, the determination of students worldwide will propel the international education sector to recovery — just as it has in the past.
INTO Cover Photo 1 1024X576

Versatile recruitment in a changing world: Incorporating sponsored student recruitment into your institution’s internationalization strategy

As we adjust our desk lamps and dust off our backgrounds in preparation for a fully virtual NAFSA, this year’s theme, “Designing our Shared Future,” gives us...
Karachi INTO Blog

Intentional engagement in extraordinary times: Success Factor educational consultants on reaching students and driving recovery in Pakistan

At a time when prospective international students continue to face hurdles to starting their studies abroad, clear, consistent communication around the evolv...
Pexels Bastian 3564227 2 1024X697

Light at the end of the tunnel? Perspectives on resilience and recovery in India from Shiksha Study Abroad

From global travel restrictions and consulate closures to online learning and Zoom fatigue, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed diverse challenges to Indian stud...
Balance Hans S CC BY ND 2.0

All things not equal: SEVIS data show COVID-19 took disproportionate toll on language programs in U.S.

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) recently published its 2020 SEVIS by the Numbers report outlining Student and Exchange Visitor Information Sy...
Airport 5442193 1920 1024X722

2021 in focus: Asymmetric recovery among top sending countries for international students in U.S.

At the end of last year, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) released data on active international student records from September 2020, offering ...
Code 1839406 1920 1024X683

2021 in focus: Emerging priorities spell shifting pursuits for international students

In the competitive career landscape of COVID-19, international students deserve real returns on the resources and time they invest in studying abroad.  As th...
INTO DREW Female Student Doing Biology Research With Microscope Inside Lab Room 28124 1024X682

Causes for celebration and concern: A three-year perspective on female international students in STEM at U.S. institutions

The global pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on female international students in STEM programs at U.S. institutions.  According to data from the U.S...
Vaccine 5895477 1920 1024X576

2020 in the rearview: What discrepancies in pre-pandemic declines imply for U.S. institutions’ recoveries

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, the full impact of COVID-19 on international enrollments at U.S. universities is coming to light. It is important to consid...

2020 articles

IEM Report Cover 003 640X493

The proof is in the partnership: NAFSA, APLU, and INTO analysis finds universities with recruitment/pathway partners are more likely to see international enrollment growth

The release of the Institute of International Education’s annual Open Doors data this week made for sobering reading among the American higher education comm...
Background 3228704 1920 1024X435

Endowments and international enrollments: How much does your university depend on foreign students?

The global flows of international students confer enormous benefits on the countries which receive their talent: more diverse campuses, richer learning experien…
Polar Bear 1574996 1280 1024X609

COVID-19 in context: Only the strong survive?

Last month, Moody’s released an investor update headlined,   “Universities with strongest brands, significant scale, highest debt levels best positioned for cor…
INTO London Exterior At Night 37837 1024X681

What matters most: Togetherness in INTO’s U.K. centres during COVID-19

Although the INTO London World Education Centre building is closed to in-person gatherings, students and staff look forward to the time when they can return. Mo…
Money 4214019 1920 1024X683

COVID-19 in context: What can we learn from previous shocks to tertiary mobility?

I was delighted to participate in a webinar hosted by the Center for Studies in Higher Education at University of California, Berkeley on May 7, exploring the e…
Nankai Campus Building Statue 1024X682

First-wave supporters: INTO China sees international students through COVID-19 crisis

Before the COVID-19 outbreak led universities in Europe and North America to implement physical distancing policies, universities in China had to face the emerg…
INTO Social Distancing 1024X770

All hands on deck: Helping international students navigate the COVID-19 crisis

In the wake of COVID-19, universities’ social distancing policies require that international students complete coursework and advising sessions virtually. Even…
INTO Progression Fair 1 1024X682

“Hundreds of potential futures” at the INTO London Progression Fair

Ahead of this year’s university application cycle, international students at the INTO London World Education Centre escaped a dreary, late-January afternoon to…

2019 articles

0948 Xmas Banner 6X4 V1 01 1

INTO North America: Year in review

As 2019 concludes, those in the international education community in the United States have much to reflect on.  In November, the Institute of International Edu…
Laroslav Russia International Foundation In Engineering Physical Sciences Maths And Computing 13826 2 1024X836

Paradigm shift: The rise of math and computer science among international students

To kick off International Education Week, the Institute of International Education (IIE) released its 70th Open Doors Report, which outlines international stude…
Dark 1852985 1920 1024X683

Open Doors Report 2019: Things can only get better

To kick off International Education Week this past Monday, the Institute of International Education (IIE) released its 70th Open Doors Report outlining internat…
QUB Lanyon Building 3542 1024X731

INTO Queen’s at ten

This month, October 2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the INTO Queen’s University of Belfast partnership. A perfect time to look back and reflec…
INTO Hofstra Orientation 1024X585 (1)

The road home: Orientation 2019 at INTO’s American partner universities

INTO Hofstra University’s inaugural class of more than 120 students from 13 countries Over the past month, some 2,500 students from around the world commenced…
INTO GMU Exterior Students On Campus Wearing Mason Spirit Ware 28976 1024X683

Symbiotic partnership: Supporting university mission through comprehensive internationalization

In the days following the second annual P3·EDU Conference, hosted by George Mason University (GMU) in May, former GMU President Angel Cabrera posited that “the…
Student Services Blog 1024X576 (1)

When one size does not fit all: Tailoring student experience at INTO’s student services conference

Student experience matters.  When international students feel welcome and supported across all dimensions of their life at university, they contribute positivel…
INTO Academic Director Student Services Conference Group Photo 1024X768 (1)

Partnering for student success: Teaching and learning innovations at the INTO academic directors’ conference

INTO academic and student services faculty gathered at Saint Louis University. While it is critical to grow international student enrollments in INTO’s univers…
Harold Mendoza 6Xafy AE1LM Unsplash

Do US party politics matter to international students?

Recently, some colleagues asked us whether there was any relationship between the political affiliation/control of states in the US and their success in attract…
Brooke Cagle G1kr4ozfoac Unsplash

Great expectations: How to cater to Gen Z international students

In the first blog on our global agent survey, we explored sentiment for various destinations around the world.  In this edition, we take a closer look at what i…
Anika Huizinga 8 Xzgsxk4to Unsplash

Global agent poll: A crystal ball for international education?

SEVIS, IIE, HESA, the OECD and Open Doors are useful tools for helping us understand the global distribution of students – and for establishing long term trends…
Greg Rosenke 3ULMRQZ5APA Unsplash

SEVIS 2019: How changing international student enrollment patterns affect some states more than others (part two)

The dip in international student numbers in the United States captured in the latest data from the Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visito…
Pawel Czerwinski 5Hj L6ajo0c Unsplash

SEVIS 2019: Language training, associate degrees, and considerations of distortion (part one)

The United States Department of Homeland Security recently released quarterly data from the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) that reveale…
Tim Mossholder Ucurohsjfra Unsplash

Five gender balances and imbalances that define international education in the United States

Balance or imbalance—Is there a gender disparity in international education in the United States?  It is true that more female students come to the US to stu...