INTO UAB diversity initiative wins University funding

INTO UAB diversity initiative wins University funding

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The INTO UAB Global Diversity Panel Series which aims to provide a forum where students can discuss diversity-related issues across the campus community, was recently selected as a crowdfunding initiative by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Many of the problems experienced by culturally different groups and individuals are due to cross-cultural miscommunication and misinformation,” says Dr. Achala Gunasekara-Rockwell, Indian Language and Cultural Advisor, INTO UAB, who is leading on the initiative.

“The INTO UAB Global Diversity Panel Series serves as a catalyst to promote, celebrate, and increase awareness about diversity at UAB, to recognize cultural differences and similarities, and to inspire cross-cultural interaction.”

By creating the series, INTO UAB aims to offer the knowledge and practical skills that are needed to build a more inclusive campus community that fosters belonging and a lifelong appreciation for learning. The ultimate goal being to create citizens who possess social responsibility and the skills required to be community builders, thus leveraging the transformation power of UAB through inclusion and the constant pursuit of excellence.

But this initiative requires funding if it is to succeed. Around $2,000 is needed in order to take care of panel discussion expenses, but just a small donation will enable INTO UAB to continue fostering and enhancing cultural competence, diversity, comprehensive excellence, and equity throughout the campus.

To contribute, please visit the INTO UAB Global Diversity Panel Series donation page.

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