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Our global reach can be yours

Our global student recruitment network helps enroll more than 10,000 students each year. Physical presence, online technologies, easy application processes, quality assurance and local marketing support combine to transform our partners' internationalization.

Eight inspiring drop-in centers in key higher education markets create capacity for our partners to expand globally and adapt to emerging regional demands, while maintaining their core geographical focus.

Navigating a fast-changing market

The scale of demand for global higher education presents opportunities and challenges. For universities with internationalization ambitions, students expect higher service levels, more contact and career certainty. Developing solutions to meet that demand alone can be difficult and expensive. Our reach will help you navigate these challenges and stand out in a competitive global market.

Photo of Tom Hands

"In the dynamic and increasingly competitive world of international student recruitment, student expectations and demands move at a fast pace. This calls for institutions to be creative and ambitious in their propositions to ensure successful and sustainable internationalization."

Tom Hands
Chief Recruitment Officer, INTO

Grow with confidence

Our recruitment leaders have decades of experience supporting universities in key markets around the world. They are assisted by dedicated country specialists, ensuring our US, UK and Australian partners have the best possible global coverage.

Extend your influence

Our network of 2,500 recruitment partners can transform your team. Working with your international office, our global reach can bring diversity to your enrollments and raise your brand's presence across key markets.

Global presence where you need it

In addition to 35 regional offices and 200 in-market colleagues, we have walk-in spaces strategically located to connect our partner universities with up to 2.2 million international students.

We have invested $10 million in creating INTO University Access Centers (UACs) to bring international education agents, onsite university representatives and local marketing teams together under one seamless system. They provide a place for students, parents, faculty, employers and government agencies to interact. Feedback on the UAC experience has been exceptional – reflecting a complete study abroad solution for students in a world-class facility in the heart of each host city.

Purpose-built for higher education

UACs share the same interior architecture standard, providing inspiring, retail-influenced contemporary spaces. Ultrafast internet connections, large-screen presentation facilities, meeting rooms and secure computer testing spaces combine to enhance your customer and counsellor connections in their home towns.

Photo of Tim Moore

"People looking to achieve their overseas study and work ambitions through British Council IELTS require easy access and a great test day experience. Partnering with INTO, a trusted UK education provider, to deliver IELTS on Computer through their global network of University Access Centres provides just this; excellent locations, great facilities and a customer centric experience."

Tim Moore
Director Cultural Engagement EU, British Council
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    Exceed your students’ expectations

    Students and parents value face-to-face contact above all other forms of guidance. Our UACs provide a relaxed environment for personal interactions to help them understand your offer.

    Partners working in our centers experience up to two times more enrollments than those who don’t. Their rising conversion rates lead to greater cost savings and efficiencies.

    92 percent of students

    Manage the risk attached to offshore expansion

    We have almost two decades’ experience of managing a complex global organization and its people. Our locally based teams provide dedicated support to promote your programs and amplify your brand in the heart of key emerging and established markets. Our investment gives you greater flexibility in managing your marketing resources.

    Photo of Laura Mitford

    "We work with INTO's global network, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. Their expertise and local knowledge are invaluable – our colleagues get all the support they need."

    Laura Mitford
    Senior International Recruitment Manager – South and Southeast Asia, Newcastle University

    See our UAC brochure

    1000kg co2 emissions

    Transform your physical international presence

    All universities are welcome to run events at our centers, but our partners have access to greater benefits. Whether you want to host an event or have greater presence in-market, we customize our support to meet your particular needs.

    • Your connected local events center – from agent training to alumni or employer receptions, you can host in person or stream content live from your university to key locations, supported by our local teams
    • Dedicated collaborative workspace for your in-market staff – supported by private meeting spaces and our local administration team
    • Complete representation package – with knowledgeable counsellors dedicated to promoting your institutional offer.

    Extend your reach sustainably

    Did you know that a round-trip flight between Europe and East Asia generates 1,000kg of carbon emissions per 'economy' passenger?* Access to staff in local markets can help you meet your institutional carbon emissions targets while providing a better service to students.

    * Source: International Civil Aviation Organization

    Your locally informed global marketing resource

    All-channel, multilingual campaigns continuously promote our partner brands around the world. Our central and regional in-house marketing teams – informed by our predictive analytics team – deliver messages shaped for your local market, for greater enrollment diversity.

    Protect your reputation through smarter admission support

    Our application hubs in the US, UK, India and Hong Kong provide a same-day service to our students and their advisors. They have the capacity to scale up as your application volumes increase, reducing strain on your resources. We process applications to your standards, with multiple checks to ensure students are admissible and their documents are complete.

    Photo of Nirupama Das

    "Our experience shows that quicker processing has a huge positive impact on enrolment success and overall student experience. With INTO setting up processing operations in-market, we are already seeing the difference."

    Nirupama Das
    CEO of Valmiki Group
    India's leading overseas education company
    Photo of Andy Fawcett

    "We are focused on creating an AI-powered, differentiated, global admissions service for our partners. Our service, which delivers rapid response, is scalable and delivers an outstanding experience to students, their advisors and our university partners."

    Andy Fawcett
    Chief Technology Officer, INTO University Partnerships

    Taking the pain out of enrollment management

    Across 18 years and 150,000 international student enrollments, we’ve simplified and perfected the experience for students and our partners.

    • Sophisticated digital ecosystem 
      Our AI-informed processes, together with our highly skilled admissions teams, enhance the applicant experience and enable you to serve more students. We use machine learning technologies to manage growth, design applicant journeys and provide real time insight for our partners.
    • Visa support for your students
      Our Pre-Arrival Success Services (PASS) help students through the US visa process, especially in cases where success rates remain low. Students have a 50% greater likelihood of success with our PASS program than with a standard service, at no cost. The PASS program has assisted more than 1,000 students to receive their F-1 visas since its launch in 2020.