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Our global footprint is growing every day — which means the reach of our partner universities is, too.

Composed of more than 25 regional offices around the world and powered by multi-channel marketing and smart application-processing technology, our global recruitment infrastructure is the most comprehensive of its kind. Over 1,500 INTO staff work with over 2,000 recruitment partners across more than 120 countries to provide students and universities the highest-quality experience.

Map detailing INTO regional recruitment offices around the globe, including over 25 locations across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.
Large group of INTO’s global recruitment staff, education counsellors and agents from around the world pose for picture on steps, all wearing INTO lanyards.

Our recruitment team

Working directly with recruitment partners, foreign institutions, governments and students, INTO representatives around the world demystify the discovery, application and immigration processes to provide the best student journey anywhere, everywhere. The result is an unparalleled level of student satisfaction and success as well as enhanced enrollment pipelines and brand equity in key recruitment markets for our partner universities.

Permanent presence in key markets

We offer partner universities the opportunity to build their local, physical presence in key markets around the world:

University Access Centres (UACs):

UACs bring our partners’ propositions into the heart of hub cities worldwide where higher education is in greatest demand, connecting international students who face a wide array of study opportunities, institutions that want to extend their global reach and education counselors who want to work with leading higher education institutions.

Working with the British Council:

In partnership with the British Council, We administer the Computer-Delivered International English Language Testing System exam (CD IELTS) in our UAC Ho Chi Minh City. By 2023, we will deliver CD IELTS and other testing in over 10 UAC locations around the world, putting partner universities in touch with millions of prospective students.

Prospective international student sits talking to an educational adviser in common area of INTO University Access Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, while other students and advisers work in the background.
International student sits on pink, floral-patterned bench and works on a tablet in hallway of INTO University of Exeter building as three students walk by.

Telling university stories digitally

International students demand strong digital presence, quick communication, and user-generated content from foreign institutions. Through a combination of organic and paid promotion, AI-powered solutions and digital and social media campaigns, we help tell our partner universities’ stories to prospective students in their languages, on their platforms.

INTO Study and Partner Portal

All INTO partner universities are listed on our student website, INTO Study, and our recruitment partner website, the Partner Portal. Smart search functions help students and their education counselors discover right-fit programs, driving interest, applications and, ultimately, enrollments.

Peer-to-peer engagement

We encourage prospective students to chat live with current international students at our partner universities via INTO Study, helping them get a sense of university life from others who have been in their shoes. Simultaneously, user-generated content (UGC) campaigns offer students a fuller picture of campus culture, boosting the chances they choose our partners.

Unrivaled marketing support

Our in-house creative experts drive our cross-media, multi-lingual marketing and communications program on a global scale. Working with colleagues at our partner universities, we develop and review unique propositions aligned with international student demand on an annual basis, which are then reflected in compelling, testimonial-rich marketing content including brochures, pre-departure guides, digital campaigns, video and more. INTO representatives also optimize opportunities for exposure at regional and virtual recruitment events.

Every institution has a tradition students will fall in love with. It’s our job to share that tradition when and where it matters most.

Explore our content

INTO partner university brochures presented in three columns. From left to right, George Mason University, Illinois State University and Suffolk University.
Two international students sit at desk near sun-filled windows and smile as they work on laptop at desk with papers across it.

Application processing and pre-arrival student support

Our application-processing hubs in the US, the UK and Hong Kong review and authenticate more than 66,000 applications each year. Using cloud-based technologies, our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with our partner universities, providing real-time data and business intelligence.

At the same time, our team of enrollment advisers is on hand to give students guidance as they navigate the application process – often in their first language. Once students accept their offer to study with INTO, they continue to benefit from pre-arrival services on the rest of their journey to university, including visa application support.

In the US, more than 1,000 students have taken advantage of INTO Pre-Arrival Success Services (PASS), which include one-on-one guidance to help with the F-1 visa application process. In the UK, similar services support a visa acquisition rate of 99% among INTO students. In addition, we connect students with campus resources to help them navigate matters such as housing before they travel.

With comprehensive support every step of the way, enrolling in an INTO partner university empowers students to realize their dreams of studying abroad before they set foot on campus.

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