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Suffolk University, Boston to work with INTO to boost diversity

15 Aug 2017

INTO University Partnerships has signed a long-term partnership with prestigious Boston-based Suffolk University. The new partnership is INTO’s tenth in the United States, and the agreement builds on Suffolk’s international reputation as a magnet for ambitious students from around the world.

INTO Suffolk, as the new venture is known, will start recruiting this fall, and the first students will arrive on campus in the spring of 2018.

"We are thrilled to partner with Suffolk University and to amplify the University’s reach worldwide. We share common values and a belief in the importance of a globally diverse student community,” said John Sykes, Co-Founder of INTO and Executive Vice President, North America, on announcing the partnership, which is INTO’s first in New England.

"The range of programs, the wonderful location in the center of Boston and, most of all, the commitment of faculty and leadership at Suffolk to delivering a first-class experience and a great education augur well for the future of this partnership and the continued success of the University."

"Forging our 10th partnership in the US is a major milestone for INTO. The Suffolk partnership constitutes a real win-win for our growing US business – a university with a proven reputation for attracting international students, located in a high demand, destination city," added INTO CEO John Latham.

In addition to being named as a first-tier national university by The Wall Street Journal (2016), Suffolk is recognized as a top destination for international students, having been ranked fifth in the US among national universities for international students as a percentage of total student population according US News & World Report’s 2017 Best Colleges rankings.

"Suffolk University has been an innovator in higher education for more than a century, and through this partnership, we are innovating again to fulfill our mission in an increasingly global and competitive environment," said Suffolk University Acting President Marisa Kelly.

INTO Suffolk will offer one, two and three-semester Pathway programs that blend academic preparation and intensive English-language training to prepare students for a Suffolk University degree program. The Academic English, Undergraduate and Graduate Pathway programs offered at INTO Suffolk will be taught by Suffolk faculty, and students will be assessed according to the University’s exacting standards before being admitted onto degree programs.

"We were attracted to INTO because of its commitment to strong academic programs - Pathway programs that really help to ensure the educational success of the students who move through them," added Marisa. "Like Suffolk, INTO understands the importance of the international experience in education, for the students who are coming from abroad, but also for domestic students. Exchanging ideas and perspectives with peers from around the world is educational in itself."

Suffolk University is located in the heart of Boston, which today is known for its diversity and dynamism. Home to 50,000 international students, Boston is seen as one of the most innovative cities in the United States, recognized for entrepreneurial growth and innovation by the US Chamber of Commerce.

“In this time of continued dynamic globalization, we owe students expansive opportunities for multi-faceted exposure to international perspectives," added Suffolk Board Chair Robert C Lamb. "Our partnership with INTO establishes a long-term, sustainable means of providing an education that prepares students for success in whatever dimension of the global marketplace they may encounter in their careers."

Suffolk University has extending higher education to the world at the heart of its mission, having been founded in 1906 in order to provide academic opportunities to immigrants arriving in America. For more about the University please visit their website.