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INTO Oregon State University and Corvallis Public Schools Foundation team up for kids

28 Jun 2016

CORVALLIS, OREGON (June 28, 2016) – The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation announced today a partnership with INTO Oregon State University to help area children succeed in school. International students at OSU will serve as mentors and launch student-led fundraising efforts tied to key CPSF programs.

An initial grant from INTO OSU will support the foundation’s summer programs at Corvallis High School. Across the district, more than 350 students take part in these programs each summer. INTO OSU will support interventions designed to help English language learners and students who aspire to be first-generation college students. The summer programs have served as a catalyst in improving high school graduation rates in the Corvallis School District by more than 18 percent since 2012.

“Local individuals, businesses and organizations have played a critical role in boosting graduation rates through these programs,” explained Liv Gifford, CPSF executive director. “This has been a community-wide effort, and we are pleased to have INTO OSU join us in this work.”

INTO OSU, a unique university-private partnership that helps recruit and support international students for Oregon State University, began a search for a local partner earlier this year to bolster the company’s international charity, INTO Giving. Founded in 2008, INTO Giving raises funds for projects that help educate disadvantaged children in developing nations. Eight years later, the charity is expanding its reach to help students in local communities like Corvallis.

“We want to partner with a local organization to help grow educational access in Corvallis,” said Bob Gilmour, INTO OSU executive director. “The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation helps young people living in difficult circumstances have access to an excellent education—it’s a great fit for INTO Giving and INTO OSU.”

The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation works to reduce barriers to education for traditionally disadvantaged students, expand excellence through enrichment opportunities and provide pathways to graduation. The organization also offers educator grants and recognition and college scholarship opportunities.

INTO OSU already has begun working with Corvallis High School administrators to create opportunities for international students to volunteer. Gifford said these college volunteers will be important contributors as the Corvallis School District serves a student population that is increasingly diverse, with students from 70 countries speaking nearly 50 languages. In particular, Arabic and Chinese language skills are in high demand, she said. 

“INTO OSU’s international student volunteers will be an asset in our schools because of their ability to connect with young students who are English language learners,” said Gifford. “As college students, these young people have left their home countries and are now working toward their college degrees. Their hard work and dedication will set an outstanding example for our summer program participants.” 

For more information about INTO Giving, visit: into-giving.com


The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation was founded in 1996 with the vision to unite private donors with educators in order to provide the best possible education for Corvallis students. The Foundation reduces barriers to education for low-income and homeless students, provides pathways to graduation for students who need extra help and expands excellence through enrichment opportunities. For more information visit: www.cpsfoundation.org


Oregon State University is the first U.S. partner of INTO University Partnerships, a global company that helps leading world universities expand educational access for international students by creating highly supportive academic environments and delivering university-designed Pathway and English language programs. Since 2006, INTO has launched joint venture partnerships to help internationalize 20 universities in the U.S., U.K. and China. These partnerships have helped more than 15,000 students from more than 130 countries begin their studies at partner institutions in the U.S., including Oregon State University, University of South Florida, Colorado State University, George Mason University, Drew University, Saint Louis University and The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

For more information visit: www.into-corporate.com