Transforming employability outcomes for students

To stand out to employers today, international students need more than an outstanding degree.

In every INTO program we provide students from our partner universities with standard skills development. Additionally, our CareerFirst team offers premium employability support to fast-track career success through our Career Boost initiative.

Our services are personalized for international students to keep them ahead at every stage of their journey. That includes exploring careers, building skills, gaining hands-on, professional experience and applying for jobs.

  • Pheobe Careerfirst Testimonial

    Phoebe, Finance, Queen's University Belfast

    "The Boost program is a one of a kind experience from meeting amazing friends to learning helpful tips in getting a job. The highlight of the program for me was getting to experience solving a real work project myself to understand what the professional world is like."

  • Belal Careerfirst Testimonial

    Belal, The University of Manchester

    "I enjoyed my Boost it gave me a chance to improve my employability skills and widen my network. It also gave me a chance to understand my skills and abilities, helping me to know the career that will suit me the most. The Boost provided me with guidance to understand where my professional start should be."

  • Michael Careerfirst Testimonial

    Michael Lynas, Vice President, CareerFirst

    "We designed our employability programs to support students where they need it most. Areas where students feel least confident, where we have seen them struggle in the past, and where employers tell us new graduates fall short. With over 15 years' experience supporting INTO students, we focus on ensuring students are developing and engaged throughout all our programs."

International student presents to group of peers during INTO Career Boost program at Queen's University Belfast.

Building on our track record of student success

Over 15 years of supporting international students, we have seen that even the most high-attaining individuals can struggle when it comes to securing a job upon graduation. We took our expertise around international students’ needs and put it into embedded employability support across all INTO programs and premium Career Boosts to empower them to go further in their careers, faster.

The challenge facing international graduates

The UK graduate job market has become increasingly competitive for all students. International students face the added challenge of navigating cultural differences, physical distances and unfamiliar expectations from local industries and employers, often without the same level of services as domestic students. They deserve support that will empower them to exceed employer expectations.

International student listens to speech on first day of INTO Career Boost program in London.
International student works with career experts on Career Boost program in London.

Boosted employability support

We have designed our premium Career Boost programs to give students everything they need for career success, from deciding where to focus and getting the skills employers expect, to applying those skills and standing out in job applications.

  • Explore Boost: focuses on career discovery, for students in their first year or earlier
  • Skills Boost: focuses on skill development, for students in their first or second year
  • Experience Boost: focuses on internships, for students in their third year
  • Get The Job Boost: focuses on job applications, for students in their final year or later

Boosts can be added to any degree, at any stage of study. They are available individually or as a bundle.

  • Complementing Careers Services

    Complementing university careers services

    Built alongside career services, our Boosts are designed to complement what’s already on offer on campus with high-impact support tailored to the unique needs of international students. We add to the ecosystem of services at universities that help international students go wherever they want to in their career and reduce strain on careers services resources.

  • QUB Boost Program Day 4 Presentation

    Connecting global talent with top employers

    To ensure the training international students receive is powerful and realistic, we have engaged with top employers to build each Boost program. By understanding expectations and challenges around recruiting, we help students develop the mindset, skills and experience major employers seek, as well as the ability to communicate them effectively in interviews. Students also meet and work with leading employers, expanding their professional networks and opportunities.

  • Career Boost Program Communication

    Tailored support, delivered by experts

    Our team of experts work one-on-one with students to align their training with their career goals and equip them with all the tools they’ll need to compete for and excel in graduate roles. They bring immense knowledge of different industries and the skills students must have to succeed in them, and they focus support where students need it most.

Partnering with cutting-edge employers

Each Boost leverages our partnerships with local and leading employers to help instill in students the skills they need to thrive in modern workplaces. We continuously develop our programs to respond to evolving business needs, market trends and new technologies. If your company or organization is interested in being involved with the program, please reach out.

International students listen to presentation at PwC's Belfast office for Career Boost program at Queen's University Belfast.
International graduate training and brainstorming with post-its on first day of new job

Employability outcomes matter

International students choose universities based on employability outcomes, but for many, the career support available to them falls short. Over 8 in 10 students who travel to pursue a degree in the UK think embedded employability skills are important. Yet, most institutions have no specialist staff to support international student employability.

CareerFirst meets this demand, makes international education more compelling and drives enrollments for our trailblazing university partners.

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