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As a major Land, Sea, Air and Space Grant institution, Oregon State University’s strategic plan highlights comprehensive internationalization as a key goal, central to delivering on its public mission. In 2008, the University partnered with INTO University Partnerships to accelerate its performance through an innovative new model. This model provided OSU with access to private sector investment and resources to build capacity and extend its global reach while retaining full control over all academic aspects of the program.

The results of the partnership have been astonishing, transforming the campus and local community alike. Oregon State University is now one of the fastest growing universities in the entire United States recording international student enrollment growth at nearly seven times the United States average. In September 2014, the Brookings Institution identified Corvallis as the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States for international student visa growth. The revenues from the partnership have been invested in enriching the educational experience for both domestic and international students, enabling the University to invest heavily in additional faculty to support further growth. In 2011, the University opened an International Living and Learning Center in the heart of the campus.

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