The INTO story

Innovation is in our DNA.

It began with the invention of our joint-venture model, in collaboration with the University of East Anglia (UEA) in 2005. INTO UEA was the first public-private partnership in international higher education that gave a university access to the global resources of an independent organization without compromising control over academic programs. Our pioneering shared mission, investment, governance and reward have been at the heart of all of our US and UK partnerships since then. 

In our early years we were recognized for our pathway programs, housed mostly in purpose-built, teaching and residential facilities, transforming our partners’ campuses through increased internationalization. As our in-market capacity and influence has grown, we have extended our service to the direct recruitment of pre-qualified students, with multiple recruitment and affiliate university partnerships worldwide.

Close-up view of international student conducting experiment with test tube while wearing white coat, latex gloves and protective glasses.
INTO Manchester international students sit at desk in center classroom and work with instructor.

In late 2018, building on our network of over 25 regional offices, we piloted the University Access Centre (UAC) concept in Suzhou, China. Our flagship UAC in Ho Chi Minh City opened in 2020, and 10 UACs will be open by 2023.

UACs provide a stimulating, contemporary environment where local students can explore their international educational opportunities with locally based university representatives, INTO marketing teams and education counselors. They house our regional offices and most host the British Council’s Computer-Delivered International English Language Testing System (CD IELTS) in highly specified suites.